Thursday, October 26, 2006

To Set the Record Straight

You may have received a postcard a day or two ago that looked like it came from City Hall, complete with the City’s logo and phone number to call with questions. This mailer was actually put out by proponents of Measure B and not the City.

We at City Hall understand the importance of providing only accurate and objective information to the Brisbane citizenry, and therefore felt the need to address the disservice this postcard posed to our community. Not only did it take information out of context, it was formatted to appear as if it was sent from City Hall, and even attempted to enlist staff in the campaign by providing the City’s general phone number to call with any questions. Because mailers like these are public domain information, we do not have control over them. We wanted to take the time now to make sure that those who received the postcard were aware of that fact.

To read up on Measure B, and the arguments both in favor and against it, visit the City’s website. City Elections take place next Tuesday, November 7th.

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