Friday, September 28, 2007

Here, and Ready to Serve You

This is home for the next 12-14 months, and we’re making do the best we can! More importantly, we are looking forward to serving you, the residents and businesses of Brisbane, at our temporary location at 140 Valley.
What you see when you first walk through the front doors – Parks & Recreation on your left, Planning directly in front, and Finance towards the back of the main office area.

Want to know more about these departments, and others? Be a part of the Citizens Academy, currently running in its second week this year. One evening a week, departments take turns providing a hands-on overview of City government to community members. The goal of hosting the Citizens Academy is to involve and engage people in learning about and understanding the operation of City government, as well as improve communication between the City and those who live and work in Brisbane. The Citizens Academy opened with the City Clerk, Sheri Schroeder, providing a background of her job and how it ties together the coordination of all City records, preparing and maintaining actions of the City Council, and administering all election tasks required for Municipal Elections.

This past week’s session focused on the Parks and Recreation Department, including the Brisbane Marina. Participants were able to sit down with staff, hear about the upcoming projects the department is planning, and engage in discussion that will affect the entire community. Interested in getting an insider’s view of where the City is going, and becoming experts on how the City operates? Then be sure to sign up for next year’s Citizens Academy…and do so early, as participation is limited!

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

First Swearing-In Ceremony at New City Hall Location

We’re getting settled in at our new location at 140 Valley, and this morning gathered in the courtyard area for the swearing-in of our newest firefighter, James Anderson. James (or Jimmy) comes to us with a vast degree of credentials, and is the youngest in California to have obtained both his paramedic and firefighter licenses, which he managed to do at the ripe old age of 20. We are proud to have Jimmy on board, and look forward to seeing what other accomplishments await him!

City Manager Clay Holstine welcomes Jimmy to the family.

Jimmy is congratulated by City Clerk Sheri Schroeder after reciting his Oath of Allegiance.

North County Firefighters come and show support for their newest addition.

Friday, September 14, 2007

Have you Heard?

This coming Friday, the 21st, is moving day for us at City Hall! We will be temporarily moving across the street to 140 Valley Drive as our current building undergoes a seismic retrofit, as well as other key structural and functional improvements. Construction of these upgrades, which are vital to Citywide recovery efforts in light of an emergency, are estimated to take between 12-14 mos. Below are pictures to help you locate us:

Entrance from Valley Dr., located nearly directly across from City Hall's current space.

If traveling on foot to see us from Central Brisbane, be sure to use the new crosswalk!

Parking and entrance is located towards the back of the building.

Due to the move, City Hall will be closed Friday the 21st and Monday, the 24th. For any non-emergency calls during those two days, please call 508-2100, being sure to leave a message for us so that we can get back to you. In case of emergency, please call Police Dispatch at 467-1212. Our mailing address of 50 Park Place will remain the same. We will re-open on Tuesday, the 25th, where we'll be looking forward to serving you at our new location!

A reminder that demolition work for Tunnel Ave. Bridge begins tonight, and will be taking place for the next 3 weekends, generally between the hours of 11:00 PM - 7:00 AM. This is to comply with the Caltrain raiload facilities and operations during the daytime hours. If you're interested in getting up close and personal with the City's newest structure, the west side of the bridge is now open to pedestrians.

And lastly, tomorrow morning marks one of the biggest volunteer events of the year, with it being California Coastal Clean-Up Day. Thanks to last year's 56,000 volunteers who picked up 1 million pounds of shoreline trash, California was #1 worldwide in participation and litter collected. Brisbane's clean-up location is at the Lagoon, where the event kicks off at 9:00 AM. Click here for a list of the rest of San Mateo County's clean-up locations.

Friday, September 07, 2007

A Quick Heads Up RE:

Saturday’s Road Closure – Glen Park Way, between San Bruno and San Benito will be closed this Saturday, 9/8 between 7:00 AM and 2:00 PM to allow for Habitat for Humanity’s 100th Home Dedication Ceremony. Come and enjoy what’s to be a fun and exciting morning (start time is 10:00 AM), with Spencer Christian emceeing the event. Parking and shuttle services to and from Glen Park Way will be provided by City Hall, located at: 50 Park Place, Brisbane.

Tunnel Ave. Bridge – Demolition work over the Caltrain railroad tracks, like previous operations there, will only be allowed to occur at night. The contractor is scheduled to perform demolition activities over the track for three weekends, September 14th through 16th, 21st through 23rd, and October 5th through 7th, generally between the hours of 11: 00 PM and 7:00 AM . They will also work during the day for the week of September 24th through 28th and the week of October 1st through 5th. Operations such as jackhammering are expected to generate some noise. In order to help you still get a good night’s rest, ear plugs will be available at the City Hall Public Works Counter. The City staff again thanks you for your patience during this crucial phase of the project and the last expected nighttime noise disturbance.

Note: Once demolition is complete, the contractor will then be able to complete the grading, paving and concrete work on the east side of the bridge. So, expect the bridge to still look like a construction site through October as the sidewalks and bike lanes are installed on the east side of the bridge. The finished product will be unveiled in early November, with the City to hold a grand opening ceremony. Stay tuned!

Controlling Spartina Growth at the Lagoon – James, from San Mateo County Mosquito Abatement (on contract with the Invasive Spartina Project group), has been for the last two weeks helping to prevent the spread of the non-native cordgrass, Spartina. First introduced in the South Bay as a means to prevent erosion with its dense, mat-like growth formation, stands of the Spartina cordgrass have become established in areas of San Francisco Bay, as well as along the shoreline of the Brisbane Lagoon.

To prevent choking of the tidal mudflats, which are essential feeding and nesting grounds for bird and fish species, treating the cordgrass with an approved herbicide was a step that the San Francisco Estuary Invasive Spartina Project saw that it needed to take, in order for the Bay Area's native ecosystem to be preserved. Our community is fortunate in that the Brisbane Lagoon was one of the sites treated early on, and thus, it is highly probable that there will be very few Spartina cordgrass growing in the Lagoon in the coming year...and that its natural habitat will be restored.