Thursday, September 30, 2010

Utilizing Technology in Our Water System

If you were out yesterday in Crocker Industrial Park, passing through North Hill to be exact, you may have noticed some guys in orange safety vests and some with hard hats looking down into a 12' x 6' hole they had dug on the lawn.  They - Redwood Engineering and a couple staff from the Brisbane Public Works Dept. - were assessing the location of the existing facilities (i.e. gas, water) below ground.  They were doing this to see where a future flow control vault station could fit at the water supply turnout location (there are 5 total, in and around Brisbane).  The purpose for installing these flow control vault stations is simply so that the City has better control over the water it receives from San Francisco Public Utility Commission (SFPUC).

Wondering how technology is a part of all this?  Well currently, the City cannot monitor in real-time the flow of water as it comes through SFPUC's meter valves.  After the project is completed, City engineers will be able to do this through the SCADA, or Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition, computer at City Hall.  Inside the vault stations, new valves and pipes will also be installed.  Valves are necessary components of any water system, and these will be specially fitted with sensors which are able to respond to changes in water pressure or flow by opening or closing the valve.

So there you have it.  Technology's playing a part by the SCADA computer being able to "talk" to the valves from a remote location (City Hall), by closing and opening them, and the valves will be able to "talk back" to the SCADA computer by passing along data which the engineers at City Hall will use to closely monitor water quality, flow, and pressure.

There will be 4 more site investigations taking place today, next Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday to see where the existing facilities are located.  See below for the schedule and the approximate locations of where they'll be digging:
  • Thursday September 30th - Friday October 1st | 100 San Francisco Ave.
  • Monday October 4th - Tuesday October 5th | 11 San Bruno Ave. @ San Francisco Ave.
  • Tuesday October 5th - Wednesday October 6th | 1150 San Bruno Ave. @ Bayshore Blvd.
  • Wednesday October 6th - Thursday October 7th | Main Street
For the work taking place next Monday - Wednesday on both ends of San Bruno Ave. (at Bayshore and San Francisco), there will be traffic cones placed along the shoulder where they will be conducting site investigation work.  Additionally, two flagmen will be present at the intersection of Bayshore and San Bruno to help direct traffic.  Please exercise caution when driving through any of the above site investigation locations.  And, once again, thank you for your patience as work on this very important project commences!

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Hillside Repairwork at San Bruno & Annis

With the sun beating down in Brisbane and Spare the Air Days being issued, it's hard to imagine winter rains pelting down.  But such will likely be the case here, in just a few short months.  In an effort to get ahead of any winter rain-related issues, and to ensure the safety of the community, it's imperative that preventative measures are addressed, and acted upon during these more dry times.

During last winter's rains, a landslide occurred on the uphill side of San Bruno Avenue immediately south of the intersection of San Bruno & Annis. The primary cause of the slide appears to be stormwater runoff from Annis. Review of the slide area also indicates that ground-burrowing animals such as gophers may have weakened the slope, making it vulnerable to the impact of the overland flow during heavy rains.

In order to restore that portion of the hillside before winter arrives, repairwork is scheduled to begin this week. Amongst the slope repairs will be the removal of unsuitable material, placement of engineered fill and geogrid material for soil improvement, and the installation of an asphalt concrete curb at the top of the slope (on Annis) to direct water away from this area.

Thank you for your patience as we work quickly on getting this important safety project completed.

Monday, September 27, 2010

Tomorrow is Another Spare the Air Day

As indicated on our Spare the Air widget to the left on our blog, today marks a Spare the Air day and we've been notified by the Bay Area Air Quality Management District (BAAQMD) that tomorrow, Tuesday Sept. 28th, will be the ninth Spare the Air Day of the summer.  Below are some of the clean air tips they recommend:
  • Don't drive your car to work.  Instead, take public transit, join a carpool, telecommute, bicycle or walk.  Go to for transit details.
  • Avoid using aerosol household cleaners and personal care products.  Use liquid or gel products instead.
  • Don't use gasoline-powered lawn and garden equipment.
  • Cook indoors, not on the barbeque.
Thank you for making clean air choices everyday!  For more information, visit the Spare the Air website at

Friday, September 24, 2010

Weekend Fun in Brisbane

The Brisbane Lagoon, looking southwest, with Fisherman's Park to the left of the photo.
The 2010 Brisbane Lagoon Cleanup is taking place tomorrow from 9:00am - 12:00 Noon at Fisherman's Park.  This year, the Brisbane Parks, Beaches & Recreation Commission, in conjunction with the Brisbane Lions Club, South San Francisco Scavengers, Universal Paragon Corporation, and the California Coastal Commission are sponsoring this annual event.  Our Lagoon Cleanup coincides with the Worldwide Coastal Cleanup Day and gives you a chance to help improve the quality of life in Brisbane.  Bring your family and friends to the Brisbane Lagoon to remove garbage and debris from the shoreline around the Lagoon.  Plan to wear work clothes, bring gloves and sunscreen to assist with this work day.  Volunteers will be honored with a commemorative T-shirt, lunch and our special gratitude for a job well done.  We'll see you there!

After putting in some volunteering hours in the morning, why not join in on the BDW History Adventure Scavenger Hunt and Movie in the Park later that day? The fun starts at 4:00pm at the gazebo in the Community Park.  It's sure to be a fun time for people of all ages as they learn some history about Brisbane, catch a movie in the Park, all while supporting Brisbane Dance Workshop.  Don't forget to come dressed as your favorite 50's character!

The Brisbane annual "Day in the Park" is only one week away!  From 10am - 5pm on Saturday, Oct. 2nd, the Community Park will come alive with musical performances, children's entertainment, carnival games, face painting, bounce houses, and tables to tell you more about City initiatives (the Open Space & Ecology Committee will have a table showing examples of invasive and native plants) and other City-sponsored programs (the Alliance will provide information on the 2 commuter shuttles Brisbane residents may ride for FREE with a shuttle pass, with the first 250 visitors receiving a shuttle pass/ID holder).  There will also be FOOD from the Women's Club (baked goods 'n ice cream), Lion's Club (BBQ), Eagle's Club (nachos), Brisbane Youth Sports Association (sodas/water), Mothers of Brisbane (cotton candy) and Citizens for a Brisbane High School (corn on the cob). 

Also, the Brisbane Derby will be taking place once again at 8:00am at Plumas & San Francisco St. next Saturday as a kick-off to the "Day in the Park" celebration. It always makes for a fun time, watching on the sidelines as the most creatively-designed soap box cars race down San Francisco St., cheered on by on-lookers.  It may be an early start to the day, but boy is it worth it!  Come and witness the community and volunteer spirit that's alive and well in Brisbane!

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Firefighters Needing to Return to Station 93 for Time Being

The Brisbane Firefighters, who returned to town this past Sunday after spending three nights in Daly City, will need to return to Station 93 in Daly City (464 Martin St., Daly City) during the evening hours for the time being.  A trailer, located beside the Fire Station on Bayshore Blvd., was originally intended to be used for staging purposes and thus did not contain sleeping quarters, a shower, kitchen, or have proper outdoor lighting.  Additionally, the Brisbane fire engine needed to be parked outdoors at night due to there being mold detected in the bay/garage area of the fire station.  Earlier this morning, fire administration and city management decided that in the interest of the firefighters' safety, the best solution at this point in time was to relocate the firefighters back to Daly City during the evenings, but have them be in Brisbane during the day.  In Daly City, the firefighters will have gotten the rest they need, have ready access to the fire engine and their gear, and be able to shower and cook while concurrently, a longer-term solution is worked upon and investigated.  We will update the community when any other additional information becomes available.  Thank you for your understanding and patience regarding this matter.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Brisbane Firefighters Back in Town

Last Thursday, we blogged how the Brisbane firefighters were being relocated in the evenings to Station 93 in Daly City due to severe mold being detected at the Brisbane fire station (Station 81). We are happy to report that as of Sunday night, the Brisbane firefighters were back to spending evenings in Brisbane in temporary trailers. They will continue to do so as City staff works in conjunction with North County Fire Authority to provide more permanent living quarters for our firefighters. In the meantime, we are just thrilled to have them back not only for the daytime, but 24/7!

Monday, September 20, 2010

PG&E Gas Transmission Line Information Released

Earlier this afternoon, a PG&E representative informed the City that they had just developed an online tool that provides helpful information about their natural gas transmission system. The webpage can be found at: Maps showing the gas transmission pipelines within PG&E's service territory can be downloaded (see right-hand column of the page, halfway down -- select 'San Francisco'). It's able to be seen from the map that none of the blue gas lines run under residential Brisbane. In efforts to stay on top of the issue, however, City staff will be meeting with PG&E regarding the maintenance status of their gas transmission lines within Brisbane. As we are updated, we will pass this information on to the public through City Council meetings, the website, here on the blog, and in the City News.

Friday, September 17, 2010

Events in and Around Brisbane - Not to be Missed!

The recent events in San Bruno have pointed out the need for personal preparedness. This makes Disaster Preparedness Day all the more pertinent, and necessary.

There will be local agencies and organizations in attendance that will be able to assist you and your families become better prepared. Don't miss this important opportunity. It only comes around once a year!

Speaking of annual events, the Brisbane Marina Sports & Import Car Festival is only 2 days away!

Sponsored by the Brisbane Chamber of Commerce, the day also features the Brisbane Lions Club "Sierra Point Prowl" - a fun run and walk along the Bay Trail. Walkers and Runners will receive a T-shirt and a meal ticket for only $15 per person or $50 for a family or group of 4. Registration begins at 9am and race starts at 10am. 100% of the entry fees go directly to scholarships, presented by the Chamber to aspiring, academically-strong, students in Brisbane. And what's a car festival without some outdoor barbecuing? Leave that to the Lions Club, who will be firing up the grill at 11am (this is where your meal ticket comes in handy!)and serving up their famous tri-tip hoagies. Thank you to the Brisbane Chamber for coordinating this great event, and to the 17 Brisbane businesses that are helping to make it happen!

Also, tomorrow is the last day of advance registration for your team to participate in the Brisbane History Scavenger Hunt and Outdoor Movie, sponsored by the Brisbane Dance Workshop. Click here for more information. Proceeds from next Saturday's scavenger hunt and movie will go towards BDW's ability to continue offering quality dance classes, instructors, and spring performances for Brisbane's littlest ones to enjoy and thrive in.

And lastly, a word of caution regarding traffic. On Monday night, 9/20, there will be a 49ers game at Candlestick Park starting at 5:30pm. With the high volume of cars that will be traversing Bayshore Blvd. and 101, you may want to plan your commute around the game.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Firefighters Temporarily Spending Evenings at Station 93

On Tuesday, we received a report that Brisbane Fire Station 81 had a severe case of mold within the facility. For the safety of our firefighters, they will be relocated to Station 93 in Daly City (464 Martin St.) during the evening hours, but be here in Brisbane still responding to calls, conducting fire inspections, and performing routine maintenance on the truck during daytime hours, 8am – 5pm. The City is currently considering ways for bringing our firefighters back into Brisbane during the evening hours. This may involve setting up temporary quarters next to the fire station. With the goal being for our firefighters to be able to respond to Brisbane incidents from within the City, staff is working quickly to determine how best to move forward. Our current time frame for this is 2 months. More information will be included in the October edition of the City News publication, due out by Oct. 1st.

The safety and health of our firefighters is of top concern to the City. It’s something we take very seriously, as it’s necessary for them to continue doing what they do best – protect Brisbane, the residents, and the business community!

Monday, September 13, 2010

Looking Back to Begin Anew

San Bruno residents from nearly 300 evacuated homes were allowed to return home yesterday for the first time since Thursday's fire and explosion. This undoubtedly will be a time of rebuilding, not only their homes in some instances, but their lives. The City of San Bruno has suffered a terrible tragedy, but has gained the unrelenting support of its neighboring communities these last 4 days. Brisbane's own Police Chief Lisa Macias was on site at the Staging Command Post Thursday evening, with a police sergeant, 3 officers, and 3 firefighters also responding to the initial call. The 3 firefighters were relieved at 7:30am Friday morning, with a 3-person crew that helped put out the remaining hot spots until 6:30pm. Between Friday and Sunday, 3 police officers were sent to assist with perimeter security for 12-hr. shifts. Starting today through at least the end of this week, 2 police officers will be on-site to continue to provide their assistance where needed. Public information assistance was also provided yesterday from 4:30pm - 11:30pm from Brisbane, as the San Bruno Emergency Operations Center (EOC) was still being inundated with media requests over the weekend. With the tragedy that's taken place in San Bruno, every city within the county has been exposed to the fact that local assistance from neighboring jurisdictions is necessary so that residents can start putting their lives back together, and for the rebuilding process to begin. This is what staff is committed to, and this is what will allow local communities to thrive.

Brisbane Dance Workshop has been a great community "knitter" in the past and continues to be to this day. They will be hosting a special fundraising event this year, different from their annual silent auction that usually takes place in the Fall. Instead...
Join in on the fun, racing through town discovering some Brisbane history and performing tasks which will uncover clues revealing the next location! After the race is finished, an outdoor movie will be featured in the Community Park. It's sure to be both a fun and relaxing time! Register today (2-6 people per team, with at least one adult per team) by e-mailing or calling (415) 297-6255. Advance registration goes through Saturday, Sept. 18th, at $25.00 per team, $30.00 if teams are registered the day-of.

The Concerts in the Parks Summer 2010 Series was closed out Friday, Sept. 3rd, by the highly-entertaining, Big Bang Beat. Enjoy the photos below which capture the night's mood and atmosphere:
Families lay on blankets, kids ran around, while the band played on...
The crowd grew larger, as more residents came and settled down in lawn chairs.
The Brisbane Women's Club (PB&R Commissioner Bonnie Bologoff is shown above) faithfully procured steaming cups of hot chocolate and other goodies to all who came by.
Some even came out to the concert as part of their birthday celebration!

Thank you to all the businesses who helped sponsor this year's Concerts in the Park, and the Parks & Recreation and Public Works staff who made each Friday these past 2 months a fabulous time in Brisbane!

Get ready for the 2010 Brisbane Marina Sports & Import Car Festival happening this coming Sunday, Sept. 19th. This event is being hosted by the City, in conjunction with the Brisbane Chamber of Commerce. Click here to see more information about the event, how you can register to show your classic car, or even help to sponsor the event!

If you've driven over Tunnel Ave. Bridge these last couple weeks, you may have noticed the bird signs that have gone up. There have been a total of 19 installed so far, with a 20th being made. The signs were made possible by the donations from 20 individuals and/or families. Brisbane resident Alison Bruce volunteered her time to design the signs. So when you get a chance, take a walk over the bridge and check out the signs...and you may be able to spot the birds themselves!

Lastly, today marks the first day the City Council will begin their regular bi-weekly meetings after their summer recess. The meeting starts at 7:30pm at City Hall - 50 Park Place. Click here to view the night's agenda and to read the staff reports. Hope to see you there!

Friday, September 10, 2010

Our Hearts Go Out

For the families and those affected by the explosion and fire in San Bruno/Glenview yesterday, our thoughts and sympathies are with you today. In one blink, lives were changed forever by this horrible tragedy. Though we do not know why events like these need to happen, we can be grateful that the ones who put their lives on the line every day were out there doing their jobs to prevent the devastation from getting any worse. Fire crews all across San Mateo County responded in a moment's notice, including North County Fire Authority and our Brisbane firefighters, who fought the flames throughout the night (they returned to Station 81 this morning at approximately 7:00am). We are grateful for your service, courageous spirits, and perseverance in the midst of these great tragedies. May we go forward today doing all that is within our capacity to help, even if that includes stopping and remembering all that we have. If you would like to donate towards the relief efforts of the Glenview Fire, please call 1-800-RED-CROS ( 1-800-733-2767 ) and state that you are donating to the San Bruno fire. For volunteer support, please visit the Volunteer Center link for more information.

Friday, September 03, 2010

Falling into Good Hands

A program by the name, "Paws for Tales", has recently been getting much acclaim. Especially at the Brisbane Library. Paws for Tales is a monthly program geared towards children who have a difficult time reading, or are nervous about making mistakes when reading in front of people. But dogs? They offer unconditional love, are often referred to as "Man's Best Friend", and have been found to make the perfect reading companion. Later this month, the world will be catching wind of this. The Oprah Show crew was in town last Sunday filming a segment that will being airing in late September (broadcast date to come).

Jonny Justice has come a long way. He, along with 50 other pit bulls were seized from Michael Vick's kennel. You can read about Jonny's story in Parade by clicking here. Now a therapy dog with the Peninsula Humane Society and SPCA's "Paws for Tales" program, Jonny is making his rounds at libraries around the Peninsula. Click here to see the 2010 Paws for Tales schedule. So if you have a child (age 5 and up) who loves dogs and may benefit from this program, visit the Brisbane library every fourth Wednesday of the month between 6:30pm - may just catch Jonny!

Pets can do a lot to ease the stress of the day, but there is something to be said of the human touch, as well. With veterans returning home everyday, it's important they receive the special support and care many of them need. For this reason, the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services has provided a grant to the Department of Veterans' Affairs which supports the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline. Veterans can call the Lifeline number, 1-800-273-TALK (8255) and press "1" to be routed to the Veterans Suicide Prevention Lifelife. Click here for more information and check out the video below, featuring Gary Sinise (aka Lieutenant Dan from "Forrest Gump").

Dancing is a great way to get energized, and what better way than doing so tonight in Brisbane, with Big Bang Beat leading the charge? Join us for the final Concerts in the Park, which starts at 6:30pm tonight. The picture below is from a Concerts in the Park a couple years ago when Big Bang Beat was last in don't miss them as they make a pit-stop here tonight!

Have a great Labor Day Weekend. City Hall will be closed on Monday Sept. 6th, in honor of the day dedicated to the social and economic achievements of American workers. Click here to view a video from the U.S. Secretary of Labor, Hilda Solis, and to read about the history and significance behind Labor Day.

Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Big Bang Beat Performing at the Last Concerts in the Park this Friday!

Each Friday, for the last 5 weeks, we've told you about the band that will be playing at that night's Concert in the Park. This week, we wanted to let you know earlier that Big Bang Beat will be performing at the last concert this Friday, beginning at 6:30pm. Big Bang Beat is a dynamic 12-piece stage extravaganza featuring non-stop dancing and the best party songs from the big bang era to today. We are fortunate to have them joining us again, so make sure you make your way to the Community Park this Friday, for a night of high-energy, rock 'n soul tunes with Big Bang Beat!