Wednesday, November 08, 2006

A Vote "By the People"

The word Democracy means literally "by the people." This is the basis of our government and society. It is what this country was founded upon and what makes us American. It is not just our "right" but also our duty to speak out and voice our thoughts and opinions. Participating in the electoral process, electing responsible leaders, and making your voice heard are probably the greatest fulfillments of one’s civic duty in America.

Yesterday, Brisbane residents came out to cast their votes and allowed their voice to be heard. 73.28% voted No on Measure B, and 26.72% voted Yes. The result of that vote is that no housing will be built in the Quarry.

We thank you for taking the time to exercise your civic duty and coming out to vote yesterday. We will update this entry with the number of Brisbane residents who voted when that information becomes available. (EDIT: of the 2,395 registered voters in Brisbane, 1,522 total ballots were cast, resulting in a 63.5% voter turnout).

But in the meantime, click here to see the rest of the voting results.

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