Thursday, December 21, 2006

City's DPW Crew Repairs Water Main Break

At 8:00am today the Department of Public Works responded to a water main break near the intersection of San Bruno and Mendocino. Water was seen to be bubbling up through the groud under the pavement, indicating the location of the leak on Mendocino. Investigations were conducted to pinpoint the exact location of the water main break so that the DPW crew could being digging. Before doing so, it was verified that no other underground utility lines would be affected by the digging equipment.

A full-circle break on a 6" cast iron pipe was discovered, which was replaced by a cut section of PVC piping. The water main was then tested by the DPW crew, after which they backfilled the hole.

Almost half of the breaks in any given year occur in December, January, and February. Increased soil pressures, caused by freezing, thawing, and shifting, affect weak spots of a water main, causing breaks. We're just glad our DPW crew was able to respond so quickly to today's break, and we thank the local residents for their patience as well.

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