Friday, May 25, 2007

Sending a Few more "Tidbits of the City" Your Way

In efforts to continually provide Brisbane residents and employees with exceptional quality services, the Brisbane Police Department has created a Police Blotter, made viewable through its webpage. Each month's Police Blotter will provide a brief account of the significant events that officers were engaged in during the previous month. Of course this is not nearly a full listing of the calls our officers responded to, but consists of those incidents which would be of most interest to the general public. You may always contact the Records Division at 415-508-2179 to view the complete police log, located at the station.

The City will for the first time be adopting a two-year budget (FY 2007-2009). Come down to the Community Center this Tuesday, May 29th to join in this exciting process as the City Manager and Admistrative Services Director present a Budget Overview to City Council. Once there, you'll not only get a glimpse as to how the City operates, but also be able to see how the City is able to finance those operations. Click here to view the agenda for the night.

Lastly, whether you spend this weekend in remembrance, at a family gathering, picnic, or sporting event, we hope you have a safe and memorable Memorial Day weekend!

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