Friday, September 28, 2007

Here, and Ready to Serve You

This is home for the next 12-14 months, and we’re making do the best we can! More importantly, we are looking forward to serving you, the residents and businesses of Brisbane, at our temporary location at 140 Valley.
What you see when you first walk through the front doors – Parks & Recreation on your left, Planning directly in front, and Finance towards the back of the main office area.

Want to know more about these departments, and others? Be a part of the Citizens Academy, currently running in its second week this year. One evening a week, departments take turns providing a hands-on overview of City government to community members. The goal of hosting the Citizens Academy is to involve and engage people in learning about and understanding the operation of City government, as well as improve communication between the City and those who live and work in Brisbane. The Citizens Academy opened with the City Clerk, Sheri Schroeder, providing a background of her job and how it ties together the coordination of all City records, preparing and maintaining actions of the City Council, and administering all election tasks required for Municipal Elections.

This past week’s session focused on the Parks and Recreation Department, including the Brisbane Marina. Participants were able to sit down with staff, hear about the upcoming projects the department is planning, and engage in discussion that will affect the entire community. Interested in getting an insider’s view of where the City is going, and becoming experts on how the City operates? Then be sure to sign up for next year’s Citizens Academy…and do so early, as participation is limited!

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