Friday, February 01, 2008

Recent and Upcoming Brisbane Happenings

Tomorrow marks for a special evening in Brisbane, as it will be the 6th annual Artists' Evening of Sharing. Come connect with your fellow residents and see the immense level of talent that resides in your community members!

With Safety being one of the values which the City Council has adopted for the community, Public Works determined that the Lipman Tennis Courts needed to be closed again due to additional earth movement on the hillside behind the courts. At this point, the tennis courts will be closed at least through the winter rains. As you may recall, we had to close the courts at a similar time last year for a period of time until we determined that the hillside had stopped moving and we were able to adjust the court size to a smaller area to avoid the slide section. The Brisbane School District anticipates restoring the courts this summer, at which time reopening of the tennis courts will be considered. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause, but fortunately, there are still the tennis courts @ Mission Blue for which you can practice your split-step and slices on!

A reminder that this Monday's City Council Meeting will be concerning Land Use and also is the final General Plan update meeting until adoption hearings take place later this year. It is the goal of all those involved in the General Plan update process to conserve the small-town atmosphere that residents and employees of Brisbane highly favor, as well as highlight areas that add to that community sense and pride of place. The end-product of an exhaustive public input process is with that said, come and join the discussion!

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