Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Hoping for More TREATS than Tricks this Halloween

In efforts to realize this, the Brisbane Police Dept. has reflective trick-or-treat bags for the community at the PD. They also suggest reflective clothing, as Friday evening is expected to be hazy, with a 70% chance of rain.

Some other tips to help make this night as safe as possible follow (because when it comes to participation, our city has no problem).
  • Children should stay in groups with at least one adult

  • Several people in the group should carry flashlights

  • Children should be careful not to run across the street...look both ways!

  • Don't accept candy or treats whose wrapper has been tampered with or opened

  • Stay away from tricks (pranks can be destructive and could be considered vandalism)...focus on treats!

The North County Fire Authority also has released a Media Advisory regarding Halloween Safety. Check it out here. With that, have a SAFE and Happy Halloween!

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