Friday, January 16, 2009

Celebrating the Life and Legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

This year marks the County's 10th Anniversary celebration of the late Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., with a myriad of activities scheduled to take place throughout the weekend. What is not to be missed is a performance on Sunday afternoon (1/18) by Marcus Shelby. Shelby is a renowned Bay Area artistic director, having played acoustic bass for 23 years. The premiere of this jazz composition, which will be performed by the full Marcus Shelby Jazz Orchestra, honors the life of MLK, Jr. using Civil Rights songs, Freedom songs, and original composition. The concert sets begin at 2:15 and 3:15...and will surely be entertaining all who come to the San Mateo County Natural History Museum until the curtain falls at 5:00pm.

Then on Monday (1/19), there's an opportunity for you to hop aboard the Freedom Train! A pre-program Arts Project begins at 8:30am at the Downtown San Mateo CalTrain Station, followed by a continental breakfast at 9:00am. The Freedom Train departs at approximately 10:00am, with special Freedom Train tickets ($5 round-trip to S.F.) available only at the celebration (regular CalTrain tickets not valid). This is the Freedom Train’s only San Mateo County stop from San Jose to San Francisco, so you'll want to make sure you hop aboard here if planning to attend any S.F.-based MLK events. (Freedom Train tickets are good on any return train after noon that day).

And if you'd prefer to stay indoors remembering the life and legacy of this promient civil rights leader, here is a link to one of his most-read and moving letters, "Letter from a Birmingham Jail". This letter exemplifies how far we have come as a nation since 1963...and provides a great hope for the future.
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Speaking of hope, 2009 is hoped by many to be a year of change. In regards to the Baylands, it's hoped that 2009 will also be a year marked by completion. The 2009 work program is focused on the completion of an environmental impact report (EIR) for the Baylands Specific Plan by year-end. A part of this process will be an informational Planning Workshop with the City Council on public space and recreation uses at the Baylands. Please click here to view the flyer. It's our hope you will then choose to come and join us as we hear from a group of distinguished panelists on the 26th!


Anonymous said...

If you'd like to hear great music a little closer to home on Sunday, please come to the Live at Mission Blue for the Farallon Recorder Ensemble. Should be a fabulous concert. Michele Salmon

The City of Brisbane said...

That's right. This Sunday, the Farrallon Recorder Quartet will be performing at Mission Blue Center starting at 3:00pm. Check out the Live at Mission Blue website for more information: