Friday, March 20, 2009

Here's the Story...

They say there's always a story behind the story. Take the blue bike lane on Bayshore, for instance. Did you know that:
  • multiple State grants were awarded for the design and construction of the bike lane, the first of which staff worked on back in 2005?
  • the bike lane was created out of 3 alternatives made by transportation consultants, Fehr and Peers, in conjunction with a working group which consisted of the City, the Brisbane Bicycle and Pedestrian Advisory Committee, Bicycle Solutions, the City of South San Francisco, and other local biking organizations, such as Genentech employees that take Bayshore to bike to work?
  • you canNOT make any lane changes right after exiting Bayshore from 101 going northbound (crossing over double white lanes warrants a citation) make sure you wait until you reach the Brisbane city limits sign to do so!

  • the Ride-A-Way bike lane coating from Integrated Paving Concepts, Inc. is a highly specialized coating with minimal water absorption and increased friction properties, making it skid and slip resistant and able to retain its original color.

  • the bike lane has been blogged about already? Check this out, from

2009 Brisbane Summer Camp

And in other Brisbane news, registration for Summer Camp will be opening exclusively to Brisbane residents this coming Tuesday, March 24th at 9:00am! So be sure to enroll your child EARLY, as spots always fill up quickly once priority registration ends and registration begins for non-residents, starting April 7th. Click here to explore more about the always highly-anticipated Summer Camp program and to register online (no phone registrations please). For additional registration questions, you can call Nancy at 508-2140. For additional program information, please call Russ Carmick at 508-2143.

Lastly, when you stop by the Parks and Recreation dept., located at the top of the stairs at the newly-remodeled City Hall, you'll see 2009 savings guides by Green Zebra. These function much like the Entertainment Guide, except all of the featured businesses have committed themselves to eco-friendly products and sustainable living. For $25, give the gift of green and pick yours up today!

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