Thursday, June 25, 2009

Way ta flow!

When taking a visit to City Hall, it's hard to miss the beautifully landscaped garden out in front, adjacent to the parking lot. But in no way is this your typical garden!

View looking away from Park Place

View looking towards Park Pl.

What your eyes saw then, and what you're looking at now, is actually a rain garden. Constructed with the re-model of City Hall (with full funding of $250,000 through C/CAG - City/County Association of Governments), the rain garden actually treats runoff water from the parking lot. This allows rainwater to be treated before it enters the City's storm drain system, which then flows to the Bay. The rain garden is capturing not only runoff, but the attention of those across the Peninsula. Recently, Associate Civil Engineer and Program Coordinator for the San Mateo County Water Pollution Prevention Program, Matt Fabry, was interviewed on PenTV's broadcast, "One on One". Check it out by clicking on the "Play" button below, and hear more about the simple things you can do to prevent harmful substances such as gasoline oils from flowing into the Bay. (If you find the buffering to be bothersome, you can also catch the broadcast on Ch. 26, Mondays during the news hour at approximately 7:45am, 12:45pm, and 7:45pm).

Nowadays, updating one's resume and gaining interviewing tips is the best, if not only way to go. The San Mateo County Library System will be conducting "Get the Job!" workshops throughout the County, beginning with Brisbane on Saturday, June 27th at 9:00am in the Community Center. This 1 1/2 hour free workshop taught by human resources professional, Nancy Miel, will include exercises in self assessment, resume techniques, and interview skills. Participants may bring their resume for critique. Having been on both sides of the job search scenario, the instructor knows the challenges that candidates face, and what employers are looking for in this job market. For more information, contact Steve Rosenthal at the Brisbane Library at (415) 467-2060.

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