Friday, August 21, 2009

Corralling all the Latest Brisbane News Bits

Ever wonder where to leave your bike or scooter when visiting the Library? Well, with the recent revamping work done by the Public Works department, there is now a dedicated space to do just that in the area below the Brisbane Library ramp. Signs like this one direct two-wheeled enthusiasts there.

Please utilize the new bike corral to keep your bikes safe and out of harm's way for those using the walkway. We appreciate your cooperation in helping make the area more safe for library patrons and those headed to the Community Center.

Every year, San Mateo County hosts Disaster Preparedness Day, where individuals and families can go to receive the latest prepardness information. The event is usually held at the San Mateo Expo Center, but this year it will be taking place further north, and much closer to Brisbane! Head to South San Francisco High School on Sept. 12th from 10am - 2pm and learn how you can better prepare yourself and your family for the next major disaster. Plus, it's a FREE event and a free gift awaits the first 500 families that show up! Click here for more information.

For those of you who have old laptops, computers, monitors, or televisions you'd like to
dispose of, we're partnering with our
neighbors, KTSF, and having an e-waste collection on Wednesday September 2nd. Bring your old equipment down to the lobby in City Hall and ask for Caroline. She'll make sure your e-waste is properly disposed of. By participating in this e-waste collection, you'll also save yourselves the $20 per TV/monitor fee, so start clearing up that officespace and dispose of all that clutter!

We're more than halfway through our Concerts in the Park line-up, so take advantage of tonight's soulful blend of classic rock and R&B that will be performed by the Cole Tate Band. The concert starts at 6pm so be there as it's the perfect way to unwind into the weekend!

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