Thursday, December 03, 2009

Blogworthy Tunnel Ave. News

This past May, Brisbane participated in Bike to Work Day, where high participation levels have been seen in recent years due in part to "Spare the Air" days and high gas prices. This past year, a second Energizer Station was added at Bayshore & Old County Rd. to help supplement the original station located at Tunnel & Lagoon Rd. The community should know that out of the 25 total Energizer Stations in San Mateo County this year, Brisbane's Energizer Stations saw the highest number of bikers! In total, 364 bikers passed through the Energizer Stations, with most of them stopping to re-fuel before continuing on their way to work. (The next most-visited Energizer Station was in Menlo Park which saw 228 bikers pass through).

Part of the fun of bike-riding is getting a chance to take in the scenery around you more easily than you could when driving a car. And with so many people biking to work, there's a pretty high liklihood of them riding over Tunnel Ave. Bridge to connect to Lagoon Rd. and into Sierra Point/Oyster Point. Which is precisely why the Parks and Recreation Department wants the residents and businesses in Brisbane to know about the opportunity to sponsor one of the interpretive bird signs that will be placed on Tunnel Ave. Bridge and overlooking the beautiful Brisbane Lagoon. As a sponsor, your name or businesss logo will appear on the sign, as seen below:

The cost of sponsorship is $100 and will help to pay for the cost of creating our educational trail of bird identification signs. So if you have ever enjoyed taking in the wildlife at the Lagoon or would like more information about sponsorship, please contact Recreation Supervisor Steve Beaty at 508-2144 or

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