Sunday, April 11, 2010

Streets Alive Canceled Due to Rain

You can't beat Mother was experienced this morning when volunteers and performers descended to downtown Brisbane, ready to take part in Streets Alive San Mateo County. Alas, we still had our own share of fun, out of the rain...

Danielle Hope, Brisbane resident, demonstrates that hula hooping isn't just for kids!

Councilmember Cliff Lentz stopped by the Sunrise Room where we'd gathered to see if the rains would let up. Susan Maynard, Brisbane resident and Dolby employee, was all set to man the Bike to Work Day table and hand out goodies!
Roxana Griggs and her son Robby were ready to lend a helping hand wherever was needed.
Leland, on the Brisbane Public Works crew, had made sure the streets were again open for vehicular traffic before snagging a Streets Alive volunteer shirt.
Cris Hart, Parks, Beaches, and Recreation Commissioner had brought sound equipment to broadcast some lively tunes for the event (in case you're wondering, "FOH" stands for "Front of House").
Jen, from the County Public Health Dept. was dressed for the elements and ready to volunteer her time for Streets Alive.
Ramiro, off duty from the Public Works Crew, had also come to the event site prepared!
The planning team: Management Analyst Caroline Cheng, PB&R Commissioner Linda Almeida, Recreation Supervisor Teresa Madrigal, and Parks and Rec. Director Jim Skeels will be looking forward to the next Streets Alive event...which will hopefully be taking place on a more dry day!
THANK YOU to all the volunteers and also to the County for making what would have been, had the weather cooperated, a fantastic community event. It was amazing to see how quickly everyone came together to offer their support...a testament that the City of Brisbane is one that cares about building community, and one that's healthy while doing so!

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