Friday, May 28, 2010

Being Prepared...It's In Our Hands

Sometimes, it takes something happening to us to cause us to act. It's how we learn. Seeing what we could have done differently, or better. Taking the time to pause, while we have it, is where plans and thinking can change. When it comes to emergency preparedness, that exact exercise is the primary goal of the Annual Wildland Fire Emergency Evacuation Drill. This took place last Saturday, beginning at 8:15am at Station 81. Representatives from the Brisbane Office of Emergency Services (OES), Community Emergency Volunteers (CEVs), Brisbane Police, and Fire Depts. are pictured below getting the run-down of events by OES Director Randy Breault before the actual Drill took place at approximately 9:30am.

Brisbane residents from Sierra Point Rd., William McCarthy and Michelle Woodruff, were the first to arrive and get checked in at the Residential Assembly Point, located at the Brisbane Marina. CEV Dan Sorrentino is also shown providing important evacuation information.

In the event of an emergency, the CEVs will evaluate the state of the homes that are located within their designated areas. Please help them take better care of you and your neighborhood by filling out this Residential Survey Form and returning it to the Brisbane Fire Station (3445 Bayshore Blvd).

After the Drill, Teen Center staff John Harrison, Petro Fanourgiakis, Tony Myers, Dominque Bocanegra, and Teresa Reed got ready for the Teen Center Open House by firing up the grill. They're pictured below along with Brisbane Police Officers Abraham Sevilla and Dominic Javellana.

The purpose of hosting the Open House was to show off the newly-painted facility (which the staff took a week to do themselves) and what one could expect to see the new air hockey table!

It's Memorial Day Weekend, with plenty to enjoy in Brisbane, starting tonight! A reminder about "Spring Thing", taking place at Mission Blue Center tonight from 6:30pm - 11:00pm. Come and support the BEST/PTO in their first-ever District-Wide Fundraiser Gala! Walk off that lobster dinner by visiting the Dog Park (just behind City Hall, with entrances on Park Place and Park Lane) or Crocker Park Recreation Trail (whose trailhead is located directly across the street from the Dog Park on Park Lane).

Lastly, if you have any questions you would like to submit to the City in regards to the Baylands EIR, take some time to do so over the long weekend! Once you have your questions, you can submit them to the City. Thanks in advance for your participation and feedback!

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