Friday, February 23, 2007

Much Ado about Sierra Point

An email and/or flyer stating there is to be imminent development at Sierra Point is making its way around Brisbane and the surrounding communities. The email was put forth by Laurel Realty of San Francisco, wherein it asserts that Universal Paragon Corp. has “unveiled plans for a high-rise hotel and waterfront condominium resort on Brisbane’s Sierra Point.” At the time of this posting, an application has been filed with the City; however the application lacks sufficient information necessary to begin the evaluation process. If the application is indeed completed, the City will undertake an extensive public and environmental review process before the said project would be considered. Updates regarding this issue will be provided in subsequent posts.

**UPDATE on Caltrans Overhead Sign**

Caltrans responded to the City’s inquiries regarding the new overhead panel stating that the new panel only had enough room to accommodate the exit number and the Sierra Point Parkway message (thus “Brisbane” not making it on the new sign). They also stated that the current signing practice is to include the major street name for the exit, but not the city name. Caltrans has agreed to install a ground mounted sign with the message “Brisbane – Next Exit” which will be mounted in advance of the Sierra Point Parkway exit to identify Sierra Point Parkway as the appropriate exit for Brisbane.

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