Friday, August 17, 2007

Brisbane's New Wheels

Innovative ideas spring forth when creative minds share a common goal. Here’s an example for you of an idea being moved into action.

Three months ago, Brisbane resident John Quilter was reading the Wall Street Journal when he came across an article highlighting Dutch bicycles. For families with two or more children, it was a solution for errands to be done around the city by bike. But for John, who has volunteered with litter clean-up in Brisbane for the past 20 years, the Bakfiet ‘Cargobike’ was just the ticket for snagging litter while pedaling around town. Soon after this idea was brought to the attention of staff, who shared in the idea of this being a creative solution to tackle litter in town, a grant from the state’s Division of Recycling was secured. With this new “machine,” John has ridden all around town, separating the debris he picks up into buckets that can quickly be emptied into trash and recycling receptacles. Kudos to you, John, for your willingness and being a model for all of us to follow!

If you also would like to help out your community by using the Cargobike to pick up litter (and at the same time get in a good workout!), then please call Russ Carmick at 508-2143.

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