Friday, August 03, 2007

Vandalism at Crocker Park Trail

For those of you who have walked the full loop of the Crocker Park Trail, you probably noticed the flashing crosswalk lights where the trail intersects with South Hill Dr. But did you know that these were solar-powered crosswalk lights? Well apparently, one person did. When the Public Works crew was driving through town conducting a weekend maintenance check, they noticed that the crosswalk lights had stopped blinking. Upon further inspection, the crew noticed that the internal wiring, which connected the solar panels to the push-button, had been cut. The Public Works crew replaced the wiring, but just a week later, it was found that someone had taken several of the small solar panels that power the crosswalk lights. A police report has since been filed. If you happen to see any suspicious activity, along the trail or anywhere else in town, please help put a stop to reoccurring vandalism in the community and make the call to Police Dispatch at 467-1212.

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