Friday, December 28, 2007

Nothing is for Certain...but Change Itself

There have been numerous articles written recently about the financial issues negatively affecting the State, the County, and a number of local municipalities. While the experts debate why this is occurring - inflation, oil prices, home mortgage crises, a falling dollar, etc., the question of concern for our community is - how are we affected in Brisbane?

First, it can be said that our small town is not immune to the the larger economy. And with all three of our major revenue sources (sales, property and hotel taxes) all experiencing slower growth rates in the past few years, revenues to the City have in turn remained relatively flat. The recent housing slump and mortgage crises have also attributed to the City's current need to address its financial issues. Thus, City Council and staff will be developing plans to prioritize and reorganize operations in order for the community's needs to be met, and its values upheld.

To solicit community input and discuss the impacts of potential changes in programs, the City Council will be holding public workshops during the spring. In the next few years, the City will be seeking to reduce its expenditures by an anticipated $1.6m (with as much as $2m for fiscal years 2009-2011). In the meantime, if you have any thoughts or comments, please drop them here, and be sure to check back for survey questions that will forthcoming. This feedback from the community will be of utmost importance when it comes time for the actual planning and decision-making process to commence.

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