Thursday, July 03, 2008

Celebrating the 4th Sans Sparklers

Given the fact that fire season is upon us in the Bay Area, and especially given our recent encounter with a wildfire that came dangerously close to harming the homes and lives of our residents, it should be of no surprise then that the City does not allow or permit the use of fireworks. And we're not alone. Of the 20 cities and towns that make up San Mateo County, only two, Pacifica and San Bruno, will be allowing the use of "safe and sane" fireworks this year. "Safe and sane" fireworks refer to consumer fireworks that stay on the ground and may shoot sparks into the air but not projectiles.

The Brisbane community should be aware that fines and penalties for the distribution and/or use of any fireworks, which includes the "safe and sane" ones, will be strictly enforced. If you are aware of any fireworks being sold or used within your neighborhood, we encourage you to contact the Brisbane Police Dept. with the information at 467-1212.

As in previous years, the Fire Dept. will be augmenting staff tomorrow, in preparation of potential emergencies during the 4th of July celebrations, but they need the public's assistance in avoiding the use of illegal fireworks, which can cause fires, injury or even death and may exceed or overwhelm emergency response resources. So let's be sure we're safe this 4th of July...and do our part to ensure the same rings true for our community!

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