Thursday, July 10, 2008

Question Raised at Last City Council Meeting

The thought goes, if there is any information we feel would benefit the community to know, then it is deemed, "blogworthy". The below certainly falls in line with this same notion.

At this past Monday's City Council meeting, the comment was made of there being cancer clusters in Brisbane. The City contacted San Mateo County's Director of Public Health early this week, and were told that there have been no known cases ever filed with the County regarding this matter. The Public Health Director did recommend, however, that if there was any concern where an individual suspected there being a cancer cluster in Brisbane, then the immediate protocol would be for the Director's physicians to look into the issue, and that an epidemiologist would be sent out to investigate the matter further. So, if you perceive there to be a cancer cluster in our community, please take the next step and contact the Dept. of Public Health so that it can get the proper investigation it warrants. They can be reached by calling (650) 573-2346. An Officer of the Day routinely monitors this number and handles all Public and Environmental Health questions and concerns including cancer clusters. Click here for more information on basic facts about cancer clusters and several CDC investigations into specific cancer cluster reports.

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