Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Beware of Fake Fire Inspectors!

North County Fire Authority, which serves the cities of Brisbane, Daly City, and Pacifica, is advising local businesses and apartment complex owners to be aware of a scam involving fake "fire inspectors". At least one Bay Area business has been targeted by a company going by the name of "Fire Systems Inspections of USA." This company has recently been victimizing businesses throughout California, with the scam first being reported in Los Angeles, making its way up to Central California, and just now hitting the Bay Area. Individuals from the company usually arrive in a uniform and say they are there to conduct a fire inspection on behalf of the City. Once they complete the inspection, the business is sent a bill for the service.

Brisbane businesses should be aware that North County Fire Department’s inspectors always arrive in an officially marked vehicle, not a private, unmarked car. If in doubt, business owners should ask inspectors for proper identification and official inspectors should willingly present it. Additionally, North County Fire inspectors wear their badges on their chest, along with their name plate. When they are through with their inspection, they will leave a Fire and Life-Safety Inspection Report, not an actual invoice. A copy of that report is given to the administrative office at North County Fire Authority who in turn will bill the business or property owner. Invoices will display the official North County Fire Authority logo and request the remittance be sent to them at North County Fire Authority, 10 Wembly Drive, Daly City, CA, 94015-4314.

If you are a business and receive a false invoice you should immediately file a police report. If you are able, discretely call police while the phony inspectors are in your business. For more information, please contact North County Fire Authority at (650) 991-8138.

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Today has been designated as a Winter Spare the Air Day.
As you may know, it is now illegal to burn wood from noon the day the alert is issued to noon of the following day. Those who violate the rule will receive a warning for their first violation, followed by fines upwards of $1,000.
You can sign up to get these Winter Spare the Air alerts directly from the Bay Area Air Quality Management District by clicking here or on the BAAQMD's Burn Status widget in the left sidebar.

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