Friday, November 20, 2009

Many Hands Make Light Work!

Hats off to the residents of Brisbane who trimmed, dragged, and piled up yard trimmings like the one below for Public Works to haul away over the weekend for the 12th Annual Fall Clean-Up!

This pile was removed yesterday from the middle of Trinity.

Approximately 3.755 tons of green waste was collected by the Public Works Teams in their flatbed trucks...

...which was covered with a tarp and driven over to SSF Scavengers to be properly recycled.

It's true that "many hands make light work!" Scavengers reported to the City Tuesday afternoon that through 24 dumpster loads and 8 truckloads of yard trimmings which the Public Works Teams hauled over, a total of 26.11 tons (that's 52,220 lbs.!) of green waste was disposed of during last weekend's Fall Clean-Up. Great job, everyone, and many next year's number be even higher!

Continuing with the color green and the mention of hands...have you heard of the new mentoring program in town for youth and older adults, called Growing Green Hands? Well in case you haven't, GGH is an intergenerational mentoring program which seeks to empower local youths (ages 8 - 17 yrs.) from disadvantaged circumstances by providing them with mentoring and motivational opportunities that will include:

* one-on-one older-adult-to-child mentoring (based on the principle of reciprocity)
* group educational mentoring (to promote interpersonal intelligence)
* group career mentoring (to increase vocational skills/opportunities)
* environmental education (to increase naturalist intelligence)
* sustainable personal and community living skills (with an emphasis on "Green" living and to promote civic responsibility)

GGH is a non-profit mentoring program, co-sponsored by the City's Parks and Recreation Department. If you are interested in making a profound difference in the life of a young person for one year, and willing to give a portion of your time to meet with your mentee and for mentor training/support meetings, then please contact Tamberly Mott at (415) 632-8702 or Donna Wolfe at (650) 291-2593. To get all your questions answered, there will be a Mentor Orientation (Q&A) meeting coming up on Sunday, Nov. 22nd from 4:00 - 5:30pm. Contact either Tamberly or Donna for more information, or check out the Growing Green Hands website at Remember...many hands make light...and in this case...meaningful work!

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