Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Reaching Out!

As part of the Police Department's Community Outreach Program, a Senior Citizen Fraud Prevention Seminar was held yesterday at the Sunrise Room. Fifteen of our seniors made it out for the informative one hour seminar. Officers spoke on topics we all should be aware of, such as: identity theft, lottery and telephone scams, and e-mail fraud.

Great questions were raised at the end, as well as a positive note spoken by an attendee about how impressed she was when her credit card company phoned her immediately about an unusual charge on her card. A representative from Bank of America in town offered his tips to the Seniors, such as carrying a minimal amount of credit cards and cash, or even two wallets - one with very little cash, and one with credit cards and larger bills if necessary.

Thanks to the Police Department, along with caring businesses in town, Brisbane Seniors are now armed with the proper information they need to prevent them from being victims of fraud.

Beth Grossman and her son Avi have set up a Brisbane Food Drive Sculpture. From soup to nuts, please bring canned and packaged foods to City Hall, starting now through December. And when you do, you're free to add your artistic flavor by arranging your food contributions any way you wish...turning this food drive into a daily evolving sculpture!

Second Harvest Food Bank will be picking up our donations before Thanksgiving and the winter holidays, so start reaching out to those with less by coming down to City Hall and take a shot at adding to the Sculpture!

But save your canned goods until at least Thursday. City Hall will be closed tomorrow (Wednesday, 11/11) in observance of Veterans' Day. We'll be back open on Thursday and Friday, 8:00am - 5:00pm, ready to serve you. Thank you to all the Veterans who risked their lives serving this country - we salute you!

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