Friday, February 26, 2010

"(Our) Survey said!"

Well in order to be able to report the results of the Community Survey through a new performance measurement system, the City is hoping to gather as much feedback from the community as possible! In the last STAR, a 21-question survey was included...which, when completed and returned to City Hall, the water bill account of the respondent would be credited $10 (reflected in their May-June water bill). So be sure to fill out the survey and bring it back to City Hall by next Monday, March 1st. If you've already recycled the STAR, have no fear, the survey can also be found by clicking here!

At the beginning of every year, it's always a good idea to take stock of what your priorities are so you know how to direct your efforts. In January, the City Council did just that, convening for a Council Goal Setting Workshop. The workshop provides an opportunity for City Council to work together outside of a regular City Council meeting where they can discuss broader issues facing the City and the citizens. Many concerns and issues were discussed. Eleven items were identified by Council as requiring their attention and consideration this year. Staff has already begun the leg work to provide information to Council as they now juggle the normal load of City Council meetings along with achieving these designated City Council goals for 2010:
  • Housing - Community Meeting to review Project for Public Spaces, bring back Fred Kent, Consultant
  • Rebuilding Together - Housing Rehabilitation Business Attraction Strategy
  • Plastic Bag and Styrofoam Ordinance
  • Broadband within Crocker Industrial Park
  • Performance Standards for the Baylands
  • Review Various High School Issues
More information will be forthcoming as items come up for deliberation during City Council meetings. The next one will be taking place on Monday, March 1st. Click here for the night's agenda.

Lastly, the weatherman, not the survey, said that it would be raining come this afternoon. With that, we wanted to remind the community that sand bags are available at the Fire Station (3445 Bayshore Blvd.) for the taking. They are a simple, but effective way to prevent or reduce flood water damage. So, if you have had any experience with this in the past when the rains come down, you may want to come down to the Fire Station 81 and pick up a few while it's still dry out!

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