Friday, March 05, 2010

Keeping Tabs, and Keeping Score

In the coming weeks, work will begin on the thinning and cutting of a eucalyptus grove located north of Lupine Valley Court in the Northeast Ridge. Seeing that this is still the rainy season, the stumps will not yet be removed so as to mitigate any erosion-related issues from taking place on the Mountain. Once finished working in that project area, contractors will move west to do the same in two other areas where eucalyptus trees are prolific. Again, stumps will not be removed until after the rainy season.

When the rainy season concludes around May, contractors will return to remove the stumps and the erosion control blanket. This is a composite blanket consisting of a core composed of coconut fibers and surrounded by two non-synthetic nets for shear strength. The erosion control blanket will be used in any disturbed areas, as qualified by the Public Works Inspector and Engineering staff from the City who will be on-site during the course of the limbing and cutting of the trees. Also, a site activity review has been approved by the County and a site inspection is being done to ensure that the tree is not being used as a nesting site for raptors or other bird species found on San Bruno Mountain before it’s removed. Once cut down, the trees will be loaded onto trucks to be hauled and chipped off-site (none of them will be sent to the landfill but will be re-used for other purposes). Some areas can only be reached by dirt roads, and will require the contractor to first remove trees using small crews with chainsaws, rather than with equipment driving up the Mountain. In addition, all vehicle traffic will be limited to the gravel access road. A truck-washing station will be on-site to ensure that no dirt is tracked onto Guadalupe Canyon Parkway. All of these activities will be closely monitored by the City to ensure a smooth and efficient project, with as little impact to the residents as possible.

The Brisbane Parks and Recreation Dept. is currently seeking a scorekeeper for its adult softball league. Games are played at Mission Blue Field on Tuesday and Wednesday nights at 6:30, 7:45, and 9:00pm and last approximately 1 hour and 5 minutes. Previous experience is preferred but not required. The pay is $13 per game. For more information, please call Recreation Supervisor Russ Carmick at (415) 508-2143.

With summer not too far off, now is the time for students to start searching out and applying for summer internships. This year, the City is offering 3 internships for students completing their undergraduate or graduate coursework and 1 for high school students, which the City received funding for from the Metropolitan Transportation Commission. Interested applicants can apply on and high school students interested in civil engineering or transportation can apply for the MTC internship at their site, by clicking here. The MTC internship is a great way for students to "test drive" possible careers, as Nykka found when she interned with the City of Brisbane's Public Works Dept. in 2008. Click here to read how she enjoyed getting to know her community better during her summer interning with the City.

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