Friday, August 20, 2010

Where Do We Go From Here?

One only needs to flip on talk radio or tune in to the nightly newscast for just a few minutes before a piece on the dreary state of the economy is broadcast. We probably have seen and heard more than we'd like, so the next question becomes, "Where do we go from here?"

For one, the California Department of Insurance has developed a new program - the California Low Cost Automobile Insurance program (CLCA) - to help ensure all Californian drivers are properly insured. CLCA has helped thousands of Californians comply with state laws by providing eligible drivers an affordable option to keep their vehicles insured for less than $400 a year. Take a look at this video to see if CLCA can be of assistance to you or members in your family. If you have any specific questions about the program, please contact

Low cost is always good, but free is even better. This Saturday, from 10am - 1pm, Assemblymember Jerry Hill is sponsoring free child safety workshops at the Hillsdale, Serramonte, and Tanforan shopping centers.

These child fingerprinting "Kid Print" events will give parents an opportunity to create an identification packet for their children including a fingerprint and other safety information. Check out the flyer for more event details (if you're going to the Tanforan location, the event will be taking place outside Old Navy in the center court area). Parents, this is a great way to ensure you have the information and tools needed to ensure your kids remain safe and protected.

Now on to a piece about a kid in Brisbane who has done an amazing job at protecting himself! Charlie Sheehy, a soon-to-be 7th grader at Lipman Middle School, won the World Championship in Boxing in the 85 lb. division earlier this month in Kansas City, MO.

Charlie fought five fights in five days which culminated in his big win on Saturday, August 7th. Kudos to you, Charlie, on this spectacular achievement! You are a great example to us all, in that no matter what obstacles lay before us, we need to keep fighting the fight and doing what we do best...and before long, the end will be in sight!

We'll end this week's blog post with the wonderful news that a 6th Summer Concert has been added. Thanks to the generous support of local businesses, Big Bang Beat will be returning to Brisbane on Sept. 3rd. Click here to view the updated Summer Concerts in the Park schedule, and the businesses in Brisbane that made it all possible!

The free Summer Concerts series continues tonight with SOUL POWER. Soul Power plays a wide variety of soul, funk, and R&B by artists' such as Tower of Power, Earth Wind & Fire, Maceo, Steely Dan, The Average White Band, Aretha Franklin, and James Brown.

Soul Power blends the sophisticated sound of the East Side Horns with a funky rhythm section that hails from New York, Louisiana, and the SF Bay Area. Together, they are large horn band that you just can't find these days! Soul Power is guaranteed to get you dancing, or at least dancing in your chair. See you there at 6:00pm!

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