Friday, August 13, 2010

Making the Cut

It’s no longer where stand-alone buildings will be scored for their environmental progressiveness – it could very well be the building along with its entire surrounding areas. A couple weeks ago, representatives came to Brisbane to see whether or not our Marina would make the cut and be awarded the California Clean Marina Certification. They scoured pollution prevention methods, including oil, battery, zinc, paper, plastic, and materials recycling programs; evaluated and scored the Marina on their boater education (think sewage pump-out, vessel maintenance, pollution prevention on the docks, even pet restrictions!); analyzed the Marina’s Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plan, landscaping practices, use or lack of pesticides and fertilizers; reviewed the Marina’s procedures for emergencies (i.e. sinking or sunk boats, haz mat and oil spills on water and land, fire, earthquake, tsunami, you name it); combed over the Marina’s daily, monthly, and yearly maintenance check sheets, employee training files on emergencies, safety, spills, and haz mat; and examined how the trash, hazardous materials, and solid waste are collected and handled, including the cleanliness condition of the dumpster enclosures.

As you can see, much of all this requires the constant, diligent oversight of Marina staff to keep records, policies, educational materials, and plans current. However, in order to maintain the type of cleanliness at the Marina these representatives are looking for, boaters and visitors to the Marina need to pitch in. And pitch in they did! The week prior to the representatives coming was declared Clean Marina Week, where boaters helped to keep the docks clean from debris and other possible water pollutants. All this to say, after the Marina underwent a 4 hour inspection, the Brisbane Marina scored 90% and was awarded the California Clean Marina Certification, which is good for the next 5 years. Thank you to all who help to keep the Marina looking the beautiful area it is, so that accomplishments like this can be realized!

Susie and Ted display the Clean Marina banner they proudly helped earn.

North County Fire Authority has been hard at work within the City as well. On July 23rd, they, along with Cal Fire’s California Department of Correction Hand Crews, completed cutting a 100 ft. fire break which gives the residential homes located near the top of San Bruno Mtn. a defensible space. This last phase of cutting began on the existing fire break at the end of Trinity Road and travels up to the intersection of San Mateo Drive and Kings Road.

The 2010 Concerts in the Park series continues today with Lava, the 3rd (and 3rd to last) summertime concert being performed at the Community Park. Come and enjoy a free 3-hour concert, with a band that plays different styles of Latin music such as Latin Jazz, Cha-Cha-Cha, Latin Rock, Latin Funk, and Salsa. The fiesta begins at 6:00pm. See you there!

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