Friday, January 11, 2008

Back to Basics

A new year brings new aspirations, new goals...and a new way of thinking and planning, both integral matters if one is really serious about fulfilling any of them! For this reason, the City Council will be having its second Sunday-morning meeting this weekend, to review the value statements from its last planning session held in November, keeping sure that they are reflective of the Brisbane community. In addition, they will be providing direction to staff regarding the City's FY 2007-2009 financial plans and five-year forecast. A copy of the staff report can be viewed by clicking here. It should be noted again that this is simply a planning session for the City Council, and that no decisions will be made before further discussions are held in the spring at upcoming City Council workshops and meetings, where public input is most encouraged.

Speaking of future meetings, this Monday's Planning Commission meeting marks the completion to the update of the Transportation and Circulation Element of the General Plan. Come and see how the goals of the community, which speak to the importance of safe travel, accessibility, reliable transit, and that adequate circulation and parking enhances business and economic health, are reflected in the update. Click here to read about the recommended revisions.

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