Friday, May 30, 2008

Greater than the Sum of its Parts

As the City enters into a public space planning process for the Baylands Specific Plan, taking a holistic view of public space is of great importance. Based on city policy and community input, it is clear that the public space component will be a critical design element. How this component will be integrated into the project is where a comprehensive understanding of the principles and issues involved in designing, operating, and managing successful public space becomes essential. This is also where input from the community is most needed. Therefore, at the next City Council meeting taking place this Monday, 6/2, City Council will be advising staff on the scheduling of additional workshops with the community in regards to public space at the Baylands. Three topics that will be presented for City Council to consider in light of these workshops:
  1. What are the community's desires and goals pertaining to the public space component of the Baylands?
  2. What considerations (technical, financial, operational, other) go into designing, implementing, and managing successful public space?
  3. When and how should a public space master plan be developed for the Baylands?

The ultimate goal of this process is to develop a public space master plan for the Baylands Specific Plan which allows for the realistic implementation of the community's public space goals. So, come on out and learn more about the holistic undertaking for this community-based process!

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