Friday, May 02, 2008

Putting it All Into Practice

They say we "learn by doing"...that there really is no substitution for rolling up one's sleeves and making a conscious effort to learn and apply oneself to an endeavor...that is where one gains the most. Therefore, the ends don't, and should not, justify the means - it's about the process - how decisions come to be made, that will count in the long-run.

Community involvement and public participation has been an invariable cornerstone in the Brisbane community's planning process. In fact, "To encourage community involvement and participation" has been a long-standing goal of the Brisbane City Council...and one which is held to the highest esteem when considering the next critical step in the planning process for the Baylands: community review of the draft alternatives. The proposed work program proposed below is intended to maximize public outreach and provide the widest range of opportunities for public input and comment:
  1. May 19, 2008 - presentation of draft alternatives to the City Council
  2. June 2, 2008 - City Council workshop on Baylands public space planning
  3. June edition of Brisbane CITY NEWS will include - an insert describing the alternatives, a brief discussion of the process, an invitation to the community open house, and a comment card that can be filled out, as well as an invitation for community members to send comments to the City Council via e-mail
  4. June 7, 2008 1-3 PM and June 9, 2008 7-9 PM, Community Center - community open houses, where residents can drop in to review the alternatives and ask questions of the consultants and of staff. No formal presentation or formal public comment period would be held at this time.
  5. Weeks of June 9 and June 16, 2008 (dates, times and locations TBA) - 4 smaller group meetings to present the alternatives, with a discussion and feedback time with participants to follow.

The 4 proposed group meetings are:

  • Residents, Central Brisbane
  • Residents, the Ridge
  • Joint meeting of City advisory bodies (1. Planning, 2. Parks, Beaches, and Recreation, and 3. Open Space and Ecology commissions)
  • Chamber of Commerce

Ultimately, the alternatives and additional community input will be provided to the City Council for its consideration, which they will be reviewing in July 2008. Following this process, a decision will be made as to which alternative will be more fully explored in the forthcoming EIR for the Baylands.

The Alternatives Review Process starts Monday, 5/5, with the above program and schedule being recommended by staff to the City Council. Come on out to the Community Center at 7:30, or tune in via Ch. 27.


A warm welcome to our two newest Commission members, Carolyn Parker and Michaelo De La Torre, who are putting into practice a desire to serve the Brisbane community. Carolyn will be joining the Planning Commission and Michaelo the Parks, Beaches & Recreation Commission. We applaud their efforts for taking the step to "roll up their sleeves" as they, along with each of their fellow commissioners, work alongside community members and other various stakeholders, in the hopes that the best possible solutions are continually afforded to Brisbane!

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