Thursday, June 26, 2008

Getting the Last of It

A CDF chopper has been making back-and-forth water drops for the last hour. Shots below capture the decrease in smoke with each drop that's made. Notice the 2 CAL Fire trucks standing by on the ridgeline:

Re-fueling with water from the Bay:

The burned hillside section of Buckeye Canyon:

Just a few more trips and we should be completely smoke-free!

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amg said...

I live at The Viewpoint at the Ridge and it has been painful watching the results of the fire. The work by the firefighters is tremendous, and I know that resources are stretched to the limit, but it seems such an inefficient use of manpower and equipment to allow the mountian to smoulder for days and days. This requires the presence of crews and equipment here that could be used elsewhere. If there were more resources, couldn't they completely extinguish the hot spots and move on to another fire?

Also, since I have a great view of the north slope of San Bruno Mountain, I often see activity that is unsettling. One night a few months ago I looked out to see that someone had a bonfire going in Buckeye Canyon up on the slope above the ravine. I called the Brisbane police, but it seems there wasn't anything anyone could do. Luckily at that time of year it was still sort of green. In the morning I could see a dome tent! Then they were gone, or had moved out of view.

I walk the mountain on a regular basis and often see evidence of campfires. There should be ZERO tolerance for anyone camping on the mountain. And there should be zero tolerance for fireworks on the mountain. Last year I could see that people had walked up the fireroad next to Buckeye Canyon to set off fire works. Safe and Sane fireworks, or not, this is ridiculous!