Monday, June 16, 2008

Update on City's Website

The City Website has been down periodically in recent days due to a robotic hacking event. City staff has been working with our contractor E21 to prevent this but we have had only partial success. Due to this we are working on securing the services of a Web Security expert. To date, hacker(s) have been able to close down access to the site but there has been no violation of data or harm to any City information.

In the meantime we have Council agenda packets available at City Hall and the library and we will also make packets available at Madhouse Coffee. Additionally, the City Clerk who e-mails the agenda to all who have signed up for this service can e-mail or make available staff reports. The public is encouraged to contact her to get reports, agendas, minutes, etc. at

City staff will continue to work earnestly to provide website access to city information. However, this is a lesson that we live in an electronic age where there are any number of individuals that create “mischief” by attacking websites. It is and will continue to be a challenge for website security experts to stay ahead of the “hackers”.

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