Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Results for Measure T

* edited 12/5 at 9:30 am Friday morning *

It's official!! The final vote increased by two Yes and No votes each for an official count of 1,316 (70.3%) Yes and 556 (29.7%) No votes.

* edited 11/20 at 8:45 am Thursday morning *

Semi-official results for Measure T, the Brisbane Business License Tax, are: 1,314 (70.3%) Yes and 554 (29.7%) No votes.

You can see more election results by clicking here.

* * *

At the time of this posting (Tues. night @ 8:45 pm), 977 Yes votes and 414 No votes have been cast for Measure T. This count reflects the mail-in ballots that were dropped off at the polling place and the ballots that were cast today. However, the rest of the mail-in and provisional ballots still need to be counted. Once that is done, we will announce the final numbers here.

The measure, if passed, imposes a special business license tax for capital improvements on any business in the City having gross receipts in excess of $10,000,000, at a rate of seven and one-half cents per $100 of gross receipts, subject to certain maximum limits and reduced by any sales taxes that may be paid by that business to the City.

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