Friday, November 21, 2008

A Word to the Wise

Reminding you that today marks Moving Day and that City Hall is closed to allow for the movers to work most efficiently. And since with every move comes a time of unpacking, offices will be closed to the public on Monday the 24th so that everything can get placed back in order. We will be re-opening for business beginning Tuesday the 25th.

Please come visit us in our "new" home and be sure to join us for the grand unveiling of the new City Hall on Monday Dec. 1st. Guided tours will be starting at 6:00 pm, with a ribbon cutting and first Council Meeting in the new Community Meeting Room commencing at 7:00 and 7:30 pm, respectively. It's sure to be quite the celebratory night!

So, although the next few days may have you holding off running down to City Hall, watching this clip may have you making a run to Bamboo Garden for their featured Chicken in Lettuce Cups! A View from the Bay certainly did!

1 comment:

Dolores said...

Thanks for the info about Shen being on The View From the Bay. These wraps ARE delicious. Congrats to Bamboo Garden!