Monday, May 18, 2009

Pictures from Saturday's Evacuation and Activation Drill(s)

This past Saturday proved to be a scorcher, but only when it came to the temperature! The City's Office of Emergency Services, together with Police, Station 81, North County Fire Authority, CAL Fire, and County OES joined forces to simulate a real-life blaze and run through the jurisdictions' Wildland Pre-Fire Attack Plan. This Plan describes how the Fire, Police, and Public Works Departments will deploy public safety resources into the community and establish pre-arranged "control points" at street intersections to allow for the safe evacuation of residents on foot and/or by vehicle. Residents participating in the drill were directed to the Residential Assembly Point (RAP) at the Brisbane Marina located at 400 Sierra Point Parkway.

Prior to the drill taking place (at approximately 9:30am, when the CDF chopper would be flying over Brisbane), Fire Chief Ron Myers reminded those gathered at Station 81 that Wildland Pre-Fire Attack Plan is a fluid document, and can be made better only by way of simulations such as that morning's exercise taking place, and the feedback from the community and participating jurisdictions that would come forth after the event. Needless to say, the post-incident debrief that took place at the Incident Command Post (set up in the Post Office's parking lot) allowed the different jurisdictions an opportunity to discuss ways they could work together even better, not to mention allow a cameraman from ABC News to come and interview North County Fire's Preparedness Chief, Matt Lucett!

Suggestions have also been offered by the Community Emergency Volunteers (CEVs), who that day practiced some drills of their own - specifically, their Activation Procedures and Disaster Medical Operations. These ran in conjuction with the Wildland Fire Evacuation Drill, with the City's Office of Emergency Services Director, Randy Breault, able to be present at both. In being able to focus on the drills individually, the City's Wildland Pre-Fire Attack Plan, as well as its Emergency Operations Plan (EOP) will undoubtedly be further strengthened and refined. And, by the CEVs signing off on their Disaster Service Worker Registration forms, and taking the oath to serve, their committment and dedication to serve couldn't be made to be more apparent.

Thank you so much to all who participated in Saturday's drills! Your involvement allowed them to result in being the successes they were. And with that, sit back, relax, and enjoy the (slide)show!

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