Friday, May 15, 2009

Who Would Have Thought...

Nearly 500 cyclists made their way through one of Brisbane's two Energizer Stations yesterday, in celebration of the 15th Annual Bike to Work Day.  The event appears to be drawing more and more people each year to pedal into work, with an estimated 150,000 cyclists across the Bay Area doing just that.  Kudos to all those who opted to hop onto their bikes instead of into their cars - you are the reason for the City's new Bayshore Bike Lane!  And who knows...we may soon be seeing "Bike There" as one of the options when mapping driving directions!

Please remember that a Wildland Fire Evacuation Drill will be taking place tomorrow at 9:00am, and it's in your best interest to participate in this once-a-year event.  If you recall from last year, the drill didn't actually happen...because Brisbane had a REAL-LIFE emergency evacuation just one week before the planned drill was to take place!  Flames erupted on San Bruno Mtn. that Sunday night, where Mission Blue was opened as an evacuation center for the residents of Trinity, Kings, Margaret, and Paul Ave.  The post-incident debrief that took place less than a week after the event brought forward many ideas from the community which the City has over the year worked to employ.  Some of these include adding a scrolling message overlay onto Ch. 27 for residents without Internet access to tune into, creating a 100-ft. firebreak behind Trinity and Kings, and the City's Public Works Dept. opening up the corporation yard as a drop point for residents to bring green waste, in preparation for weed inspections.  The most important thing for you to do is to keep a defensible space around your property - that means clearing out any overgrown weeds, grasses, and vegetation.  

Should you need to evacuate on foot, there will be an assembly point at the Community Park, along with transportation to the Residential Assembly Point at the Marina.  The Community Park is also where the Incident Command Center will be set up, so come out and see your law enforcement and fire management services at work!  And then, join us at the Marina afterwards for a short debrief and of and drink!

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