Friday, May 22, 2009

Staying the (Prudent) Course

Recently, much of the media's airtime has been filled with reports on how cuts need to be made, budgets slashed, and how there's very little wiggle room for planning towards a better outcome. True, California is facing a dire fiscal predicament, with cities also forced to bear a heavy financial burden. But the key thing to remember is...the prudent fiscal planning of the City Council has allowed Brisbane to be in a better financial situation than most.

And with the changing of the seasons, with it officially being Spring, perhaps some spring cleaning is in order this long Memorial Day weekend. If so, you'll want to take advantage of an Electronics Recycling Drive happening next Friday, May 29th, at HMR USA. Stop by their drop-off location (100 Cypress Lane) between 9:00am - 3:00pm to safely dispose of your E-Waste - old computers, printers, televisions, cell phones, radios, and other small electronic equipment. They're located just 2 blocks away from City Hall (up Valley and a right on Cypress), so tell your neighbors and friends about this free event that will not only help our environment, but help keep your storage areas tidy!

The City of Brisbane Public Work's Annual Weed Abatement Program is in full force, having commenced last week. This program is being performed in compliance with North County Fire Authority regulations and is in itself very important in maintaining the safety of the community.

So next time you see one of our dear Public Works employees, do let them know your appreciation for what they do, as it's their quiet dedication that helps to keep this town looking top-notch and picturesque! Not to mention, it's National Public Works Week!

You may have noticed from the Weed Abatement Schedule that Crocker Park Recreational Trail (CPRT) will be maintenanced the week of June 1st. That means, it'll be ready for your walking pleasure, just in time for National Trails Day, coming up on Saturday, June 6th. Celebrate the day by joining the group who will be meeting at 9:00am that morning at the trailhead to walk the path. Plan on joining them - you (and your body) won't regret it!

GreenZebra guides are available for purchase at the Parks & Recreation counter for the discounted price of $20 (orig. $25). With over 200 exclusive offers from eco-friendly retailers, organic restaurants and markets, Yoga and Pilates studios, independent bookstores, bike shops, museums and more, there's something for everyone to discover. Pick up your 2009 edition and give the gift of green!

And with that, have a great Memorial Day Weekend. City Hall will be closed Monday the 25th, but will be open to serve you again Tuesday morning!

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