Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Volunteers Testing Fire Hydrants Around Town

William de Alba and Justin McDaniel have stepped forward to lend a hand in testing Brisbane's fire hydrants today. Outfitted in orange safety vests and hard hats, some of the things they are checking for are: making sure the caps are free and spinning (in other words, ready to go in the event of an emergency); and there being a blue "Botts' Dot" located nearby in the roadway (their placement indicates to fire and law enforcement personnel responding to an emergency that a fire hydrant is located closeby, and the side of the center divide line the Botts' Dot is located on tells them which side of the street the hydrant is on).

Thank you to William and Justin, who further give rise to the evidence that Brisbane's volunteer spirit is still what embodies this town and what its foundation is strongly built upon!
* * * *
Now seems the perfect time to remind you that the unveiling of Brisbane's Volunteer of the Year Boulder is taking place THIS FRIDAY, 7/24, at City Hall at 5:30pm. Come join us in celebrating the many hands that, over the last 15 years, have contributed their time, hard work, and enthusiasm to make Brisbane a better place to live, work, and play. Because, as the saying goes...many hands make light work!

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