Friday, July 17, 2009

What you'll want to drop off and where you'll want to drop in!

Ever see one of those white mailbox-looking bins located in police department lobbies? Well, they have been placed there for you to conveniently dispose of your expired or otherwise unwanted medications. Working off the undeniable evidence of pharmaceutical pollutants having been found in our water supply, with there not being a clear and convenient path for their disposal, San Mateo County Board of Supervisors member, Adrienne Tissier, created the pharmaceutical disposal program in 2006. From September 2006 through the end of March 2009, the program diverted more than 21,000 gross pounds - 10.5 tons - of pills and medicinal liquids away from wastewater streams or municipal landfills (which most likely got there after being disposed of down the toilet).

Brisbane Police Chief Tom Hitchcock was approached by Supervisor Tissier about putting in a pharmaceutical disposal bin when City Hall and the Police Dept. were about to undergo a major remodel project. Now that the remodel has been completed, the Brisbane Police Dept. is home to its very own drop-off bin, with Tissier commending the Chief for "making good" on his promise.

You'll see the drop-off bin right when you enter through the Police Entrance, located on the back side of City Hall (there is a separate driveway entrance from Valley Drive). You may drop off your unwanted pharmaceuticals when the lobby is open, or simply press the yellow button for assistance. We applaud Supervisor Tissier's efforts and are glad to assist in the prevention of chemicals from pharmaceuticals entering the environment!

San Bruno Mountain Watch Conservancy (SBMWC) will be hosting a pancake breakfast August 2nd in celebration of the new Mission Blue Native Plant Greenhouse. The event will be taking place behind the Brisbane Fire House (3435 Bayshore Blvd.) from 8:30am - 11:30am so be sure to drop in with your appetites and your kind donations ($10 adult, $5 child). Proceeds benefit SBMWC. For more information, give them a call at 415-467-6631.

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