Friday, August 01, 2008

Recent Going-on's in the City of the Stars

In order to ensure that water and sewer rates pay for expenses directly tied to providing the service, the City is proposing to increase water and sewer rates both by 17%, starting in Oct. 2008. The average residence in Brisbane uses 10 units of water in a 2-month billing period (equivalent to 748 gallons)...meaning an additional $9.09 in water service and $13.93 for sewer service for every 2-month billing cycle. It should be noted, however, that households who qualify for PG&E's low-income program, CARE, will NOT be affected by the increase.

Council will hear any protests for this item at the Sept. 15th Council meeting. If a majority of ratepayers protest, then the increase will not go into effect and there will be a need to reduce the level of service for our water and sewer systems. City Council meetings take place in the Community Center, located at 250 Visitacion, and begin promptly at 7:30 pm. You should be receiving a notice in the mail with this information, along with the current and proposed rate charts, by early next week.

The Traffic Advisory Committee is conducting a Residential Parking Survey...which you should also be seeing in your mailbox shortly. Please help the City design the program by filling out the questionnaire and returning it no later than Aug. 29th. But...since you're reading this, why not just click here to take the survey right now??

Thank you for your time in providing your feedback, and your willingness & participation. Each of these enhances the unique charm of Brisbane and adds to the flavor and appeal of our little City of the Stars.

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