Friday, August 22, 2008

Intersection Improvements at Visitacion/Mariposa, San Bruno/Santa Clara and at Solano crossing above San Francisco

You probaby have noticed by now the concrete “safe havens” (Visitacion/Mariposa), in-roadway flashing photovoltaic-powered markers (Visitacion/Mariposa and San Bruno/Santa Clara), and lane delineators and pavement markings (Solano). These were all installed under the Safe Routes to School (SRTS) program, a 100% federal grant funded program for the construction of infrastructure projects to improve the safety of students who walk or bike to school and to encourage more students to do so.

The SRTS project was started in 2005, when the City Council approved the formation of a SRTS Workgroup. The Workgroup developed a survey that was sent to all Brisbane School District parents. Of the community response from the mailed survey, 56% of the respondents indicated they would allow their child to walk/bicycle to school if the sidewalk/crossing area were improved and clearly separated from traffic; another 32% indicated they would allow their child to walk/bicycle to school if traffic was slowed.

The responses were compiled and developed into two maps; a “weighted” route map showing the current and expected walking/bicycling/walking routes from the children’s homes to their school; and a “spot” map of trouble areas and locations of concern noted by parents. The two maps were overlayed, which indicated three candidate project areas based on the overlap of heavily used routes and identified locations of concern.

Thanks to the City Council's formation of the Workgroup (which included the Council Member assigned to the City’s Bicycle & Pedestrian Advisory Committee, the Director of Public Works/City Engineer, the Brisbane Police Department School Resource Officer, and supplemented by the Principals from BES and Lipman), approval of the federal grant application, support from Brisbane School District Board of Trustees, the Brisbane Education Support Team, and the Mothers of Brisbane, the SRTS project has finally come to its completion. And, nicely enough, just in time for the start of the new school year!

Come on out this Sunday afternoon for a special rhythmic treat at the Community Park! Wave Jazz Band is scheduled to perform from 2:00 - 4:00 pm as a special installment of the Brisbane Concerts in the Park series. Don't miss it!

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