Friday, August 29, 2008

LEDs, a new City Hall, and a Dance Party are Coming to Town

The City of Brisbane has recently installed a new energy efficient light emitting diode (LED) lighting source in the Sierra Point Parking Lot. The LED product was installed as a pilot program to test the feasibility of using LEDs in area lighting applications. LEDs have been widely used in other applications such as traffic signals and recent technology has expanded its application to area and roadway lighting. The benefits of using LED versus traditional lighting sources are the reduced energy consumption and extended life of the bulbs (LEDs last about 10 years). The LED bulb replaced the traditional high pressure sodium (HPS) and consumes only 35 watts vs 122 watts for the HPS bulb, translating to over 70% in saved energy.

The City of Brisbane is currently applying for additional grant funding opportunities to expand the program to remainder of the light in the parking lot. If the entire parking lot is converted to LEDs, it would be the very first in all of San Mateo County to do so. For additional inquiries on this project, please contact Matt Lee at or 508-2132.

City Hall continues to show weekly construction improvements, signaling that the time for the project's completion is fast-approaching. Move-in day is slated to occur sometime this coming December.

The weather in Brisbane has been warm the last couple days, but you know what that means...nighttime weather that's near perfect. So, be sure to come on down to the Community Park tonight and check out the live band that will be performing. Festivities begin at 6:00 pm. And taking into account the name of the band, you can expect it to be a night filled with long as you, "BUSTA GROOVE"!

Have a great Labor Day Weekend! Just a reminder that City Hall will be closed on Monday, Sept. 1st. Also, the Community Pool will be open on Monday from 12:oo pm - 3:00 pm, but limited to ~50 people, so get there early! Saturday and Sunday Pool hours remain unchanged.

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Anonymous said...

When I heard about the LED lights, I was completely ecstatic. One night, instead of taking my kids to the concerts at the park, I drove them to see the LED light and we camped out there for hours. My kids can now understand at the marvel of modern day technology.