Monday, September 20, 2010

PG&E Gas Transmission Line Information Released

Earlier this afternoon, a PG&E representative informed the City that they had just developed an online tool that provides helpful information about their natural gas transmission system. The webpage can be found at: Maps showing the gas transmission pipelines within PG&E's service territory can be downloaded (see right-hand column of the page, halfway down -- select 'San Francisco'). It's able to be seen from the map that none of the blue gas lines run under residential Brisbane. In efforts to stay on top of the issue, however, City staff will be meeting with PG&E regarding the maintenance status of their gas transmission lines within Brisbane. As we are updated, we will pass this information on to the public through City Council meetings, the website, here on the blog, and in the City News.


Anonymous said...

The PG&E map seems to indicate one main running under Bayshore and the other running over the mountain and traversing northward, intersecting the end of Crocker Industrial Park (Valley Drive). Considering the limited egress in and out of Brisbane, it would be helpful for all city agencies to tell residents and businesses what emergency measures are in place to address any accident such as occurred in San Bruno. Also, what is the age of the two lines encapsulating Brisbane on the west and east?

The City of Brisbane said...

Those are excellent questions. The City has an Emergency Preparedness Plan in place and practices it on an annual basis with regional and state agencies involved, such as North Country Fire Authority, the Brisbane Police Dept., CAL-Fire, and of course, the local Brisbane Community Emergency Volunteers (CEVs). City officials will be meeting with PG&E regarding your last question and what their (PG&E's) maintenance status is on these lines. As was stated in the post, we will pass the information we learn to the public through City Council meetings and other forums like this blog. There is a City Council meeting this Monday Oct. 4th where the City Manager will provide an update on this specific issue. Come and join - 7:30pm at City Hall, 50 Park Place.

Nancy said...

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