Monday, September 13, 2010

Looking Back to Begin Anew

San Bruno residents from nearly 300 evacuated homes were allowed to return home yesterday for the first time since Thursday's fire and explosion. This undoubtedly will be a time of rebuilding, not only their homes in some instances, but their lives. The City of San Bruno has suffered a terrible tragedy, but has gained the unrelenting support of its neighboring communities these last 4 days. Brisbane's own Police Chief Lisa Macias was on site at the Staging Command Post Thursday evening, with a police sergeant, 3 officers, and 3 firefighters also responding to the initial call. The 3 firefighters were relieved at 7:30am Friday morning, with a 3-person crew that helped put out the remaining hot spots until 6:30pm. Between Friday and Sunday, 3 police officers were sent to assist with perimeter security for 12-hr. shifts. Starting today through at least the end of this week, 2 police officers will be on-site to continue to provide their assistance where needed. Public information assistance was also provided yesterday from 4:30pm - 11:30pm from Brisbane, as the San Bruno Emergency Operations Center (EOC) was still being inundated with media requests over the weekend. With the tragedy that's taken place in San Bruno, every city within the county has been exposed to the fact that local assistance from neighboring jurisdictions is necessary so that residents can start putting their lives back together, and for the rebuilding process to begin. This is what staff is committed to, and this is what will allow local communities to thrive.

Brisbane Dance Workshop has been a great community "knitter" in the past and continues to be to this day. They will be hosting a special fundraising event this year, different from their annual silent auction that usually takes place in the Fall. Instead...
Join in on the fun, racing through town discovering some Brisbane history and performing tasks which will uncover clues revealing the next location! After the race is finished, an outdoor movie will be featured in the Community Park. It's sure to be both a fun and relaxing time! Register today (2-6 people per team, with at least one adult per team) by e-mailing or calling (415) 297-6255. Advance registration goes through Saturday, Sept. 18th, at $25.00 per team, $30.00 if teams are registered the day-of.

The Concerts in the Parks Summer 2010 Series was closed out Friday, Sept. 3rd, by the highly-entertaining, Big Bang Beat. Enjoy the photos below which capture the night's mood and atmosphere:
Families lay on blankets, kids ran around, while the band played on...
The crowd grew larger, as more residents came and settled down in lawn chairs.
The Brisbane Women's Club (PB&R Commissioner Bonnie Bologoff is shown above) faithfully procured steaming cups of hot chocolate and other goodies to all who came by.
Some even came out to the concert as part of their birthday celebration!

Thank you to all the businesses who helped sponsor this year's Concerts in the Park, and the Parks & Recreation and Public Works staff who made each Friday these past 2 months a fabulous time in Brisbane!

Get ready for the 2010 Brisbane Marina Sports & Import Car Festival happening this coming Sunday, Sept. 19th. This event is being hosted by the City, in conjunction with the Brisbane Chamber of Commerce. Click here to see more information about the event, how you can register to show your classic car, or even help to sponsor the event!

If you've driven over Tunnel Ave. Bridge these last couple weeks, you may have noticed the bird signs that have gone up. There have been a total of 19 installed so far, with a 20th being made. The signs were made possible by the donations from 20 individuals and/or families. Brisbane resident Alison Bruce volunteered her time to design the signs. So when you get a chance, take a walk over the bridge and check out the signs...and you may be able to spot the birds themselves!

Lastly, today marks the first day the City Council will begin their regular bi-weekly meetings after their summer recess. The meeting starts at 7:30pm at City Hall - 50 Park Place. Click here to view the night's agenda and to read the staff reports. Hope to see you there!

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