Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Hillside Repairwork at San Bruno & Annis

With the sun beating down in Brisbane and Spare the Air Days being issued, it's hard to imagine winter rains pelting down.  But such will likely be the case here, in just a few short months.  In an effort to get ahead of any winter rain-related issues, and to ensure the safety of the community, it's imperative that preventative measures are addressed, and acted upon during these more dry times.

During last winter's rains, a landslide occurred on the uphill side of San Bruno Avenue immediately south of the intersection of San Bruno & Annis. The primary cause of the slide appears to be stormwater runoff from Annis. Review of the slide area also indicates that ground-burrowing animals such as gophers may have weakened the slope, making it vulnerable to the impact of the overland flow during heavy rains.

In order to restore that portion of the hillside before winter arrives, repairwork is scheduled to begin this week. Amongst the slope repairs will be the removal of unsuitable material, placement of engineered fill and geogrid material for soil improvement, and the installation of an asphalt concrete curb at the top of the slope (on Annis) to direct water away from this area.

Thank you for your patience as we work quickly on getting this important safety project completed.

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