Thursday, September 16, 2010

Firefighters Temporarily Spending Evenings at Station 93

On Tuesday, we received a report that Brisbane Fire Station 81 had a severe case of mold within the facility. For the safety of our firefighters, they will be relocated to Station 93 in Daly City (464 Martin St.) during the evening hours, but be here in Brisbane still responding to calls, conducting fire inspections, and performing routine maintenance on the truck during daytime hours, 8am – 5pm. The City is currently considering ways for bringing our firefighters back into Brisbane during the evening hours. This may involve setting up temporary quarters next to the fire station. With the goal being for our firefighters to be able to respond to Brisbane incidents from within the City, staff is working quickly to determine how best to move forward. Our current time frame for this is 2 months. More information will be included in the October edition of the City News publication, due out by Oct. 1st.

The safety and health of our firefighters is of top concern to the City. It’s something we take very seriously, as it’s necessary for them to continue doing what they do best – protect Brisbane, the residents, and the business community!

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